No matter what type of utility you are, there’s always room for improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Verisae has 15+ years of experience, serving utilities across the globe, offering a solution – whether on-premise or in the cloud – with a track record of improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our solutions work for electric, gas or water utilities of any size.

Optimally manage your long-term projects, routine maintenance activities, service requests, and emergency events.

  • Reduce response time
  • Minimize missed appointments
  • Increase technician-to-dispatcher ratio
  • Avoid regulatory fines

Better leverage data collected throughout the planning and execution of your field service processes.

  • Track individual and team performance
  • Improve service processes
  • Predict field resources needs
  • Drive continuous improvement

With Verisae you get an extensive work model to define long- and short-duration work; work for individuals and crews; solution built for utilities’ dynamic and complex environment; vast experience with fitting into a broader operations framework, including CIS integration, asset management integration, GIS integration, OMS integration, and pre-configured solutions.